Acdc Tig Welder

UNIMIG Razor 200 ACDC Tig Welder + Helmet + Foot Pedal + Gloves AC/DC PK11075

UNIMIG Razor 200 ACDC Tig Welder + Helmet + Foot Pedal + Gloves AC/DC PK11075
UNIMIG Razor 200 ACDC Tig Welder + Helmet + Foot Pedal + Gloves AC/DC PK11075
UNIMIG Razor 200 ACDC Tig Welder + Helmet + Foot Pedal + Gloves AC/DC PK11075
UNIMIG Razor 200 ACDC Tig Welder + Helmet + Foot Pedal + Gloves AC/DC PK11075
UNIMIG Razor 200 ACDC Tig Welder + Helmet + Foot Pedal + Gloves AC/DC PK11075
UNIMIG Razor 200 ACDC Tig Welder + Helmet + Foot Pedal + Gloves AC/DC PK11075
UNIMIG Razor 200 ACDC Tig Welder + Helmet + Foot Pedal + Gloves AC/DC PK11075
UNIMIG Razor 200 ACDC Tig Welder + Helmet + Foot Pedal + Gloves AC/DC PK11075
UNIMIG Razor 200 ACDC Tig Welder + Helmet + Foot Pedal + Gloves AC/DC PK11075

UNIMIG Razor 200 ACDC Tig Welder + Helmet + Foot Pedal + Gloves AC/DC PK11075

Unimig Viper 182 Mk II. Unimig Razor 205 Smart Set.

Unimig Viper 180 ACDC MK II. Unimig Viper Cut 30 Mark II. Mild Steel, E71T-11 - Gasless.

Mild Steel, E71T-GS - Gasless. Welding Magnets & Earth Clamps. Cutting Discs - Angle Grinder. Wire Brushes - Hand Held. Cutting Discs - Circular Saw. Saw Blades - Reciprocating Saw. Welding Fume / Dust Extractor.

UNIMIG Razor RWX8000 Automatic Welding Helmet Auto Darkening Mig Tig Stick UMCWH. UNIMIG Razor 200 ACDC Tig Stick - Welder + Torch + Free Socket Set 200ACDC AC/DC. 5kg UNIMIG ER70S-6 MIG Welding Wire Mild Steel.

3M P2 Respirator Kit, 2128 Filters + 7500 Half Face Welding Dust Gas OV AG Smoke. Includes Welder, Helmet, Gloves, Foot Pedal, Consumables. Digital Controlled Square Wave AC/DC welder. Intelligent digital control of the main functions. HF arc ignition leaves no tungsten inclusion.

DC MMA welding delivers a smooth and stable arc. Gives you full control over High Frequency AC/DC TIG welding for incredible results from start to finish.

Fitted with a portable 15 AMP plug and Pulse TIG functions, this is your go-to professional unit that works a treat on any worksite. Tailor your TIG settings with a wide range of controllable parameters including Pre Gas Time, Start Current, Up Slope and Down Slope Time, Finish Current Level and Post Gas Time.

The RAZOR 200 ACDC is a Digital Controlled Square Wave AC/DC TIG inverter welder. RAZOR200ACDC is the new standard for 240V AC/DC welders making it the ideal choice for experienced or novice welders of Aluminium, Stainless and Steel materials. RAZOR 200 AC/DC Bundle Includes. 200 AC/DC TIG/ STICK Welder (with Life Time After Sales Machine Support).

1 x RWX6000 Welding Helmet (UMRWXWH). 1 x UNIMIG Foot Pedal (UTJRFC-4).

1 x Pair UNIMIG Deersoft TIG Welding Gloves (UMWG3L). 1 x T2 TIG Torch Consumable Starter Kit (U42005). 1 x 4m High-Performance T2 TIG Torch.

1 x Argon Flowmeter Regulator. 1 x 4m Twist Lock Electrode Holder. 1 x 300 Amp Earth Clamp & Lead.

1 x 2m Gas Hose Complete with fittings. AC/DC HF TIG & AC/DC Pulse. Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Silicon Bronze, Copper, Aluminium, Zinc Alloys.

Razor Digital 200 Amp ACDC - KUMJRRZ200ACDC. Razor Digital 320 Amp ACDC Razor- KUMJRRW320ACDC.

Viper 200 Amp DC TIG - KUMJRVT200P. Viper 180 amp AC/DC - KUM-M-VTIG. 114 x 133 x 9.5. Time from Light to Dark. Time from Dark to Light.

Solar Cells & CR2450 Replaceable Battery. CE, ANSI, CSA, AS/NZS 1338.1 (Auto-Darkening), AS/NZS 1337.1 (High Impact).

TIG Welding, rigger, general-purpose, building, driving. Full TIG functionality, offering a simple step by step digital control of functions and parameters providing complete professional control. Digital set of Pre Gas Time, Start Current, Up Slope and Down Slope Time, Finish Current Level and Post Gas Time with the choice of 2T or 4T trigger function allows control of the welding process at a professional level from start to finish. Digital Pulse Control gives full parameter setting of Peak & Base Current, Pulse Frequency & Pulse Width providing control of heat input, penetration & distortion. AC Square Wave Balance gives control of the electron flow at the tungsten, the AC TIG arc can be adjusted from maximum oxide-layer cleaning on aluminium through to a deeper penetrating weld.

Remote Control Interface provides optional remote amperage control at the torch or foot-pedal control. DC MMA welding delivers a smooth and stable arc for easy welding of electrodes producing high-quality welds including cast Iron, stainless and low hydrogen.

Arc Ignition and Arc Force control allows you to set the ideal arc condition no matter what electrode you choose. Optimised auto protection of the power input provides auto shut down of the machine when large scale fluctuations occur. Unique air channel design increases the heat dissipation of the power device, control circuits, minimises dust absorption, thereby greatly improv-ing longevity and reliability.

Intelligent digital control of the main functions are realised by software providing ease of operation and high accuracy, a software upgrade is possible by simple download function. AC Square Wave 20 - 250Hz. Pulse Frequency 0.2 - 200Hz.

Pulse Width 10 - 90%. Base Current 5 - 200A. Up Slope 0 -10 sec. Down Slope 0 -15 sec.

Pre Gas 0 - 3 sec. Post Gas 0.5 -15 sec. MMA - Arc Ignition Current Automatic. Arc Force Current 0 - 40A.

Remote Amperage Foot & Hand Control. Features of Unimig 200 AC/DC Foot Control. Remote amperage controls allow for the welding current to be adjusted remotely from the welding machine during welding. Excellent for fine-tuning of TIG applications.

Comes with standard 10k Potentiometer. Ergonomic angle for pedal control. Features of RWX6000 Welding Helmet. This helmet features a 1/1/1/1 classification, the highest possible classification for optical clarity. 4 Arc Sensors maintain constant sensing and automatically switches the helmet from light to dark and back again.

3 x Memory Functions - Store different shade, sensitivity and delay options into three easily accessible pre-sets. Enhanced Viewing Area offers a larger viewing area for the operator. True Colour High Definition Filter Technology greatly improves the optics allowing the user to see a full spectrum of colours.

Also Assists with alleviating eye fatigue making it safer for extended periods of welding. Grind Mode allows the operator to switch the helmet from the welding mode into a fixed shade for grinding.

This function removes the need for the operator to change visors and to simply use the welding helmet for grinding when required. Shade Control Automatic Welding Lens allows the operator to switch between variable welding shades from 5-9 and 9-13. Permanent complete protection against UV/IR even in transparent condition. The UV/IR protection level is DIN15 all the time. Din standard approval guarantees maximum eye protection during welding.

Dark shade can be adjusted from shade 5-9 and shade 9-13 this makes it ideal for Gas cutting, Plasma cutting, Low amp TIG operation and MIG welding. The unique shape design helps channel welding fumes away from the helmet and face area. Automatic sleep mode shuts LED off when helmet is placed into its storage bag or darkness for battery conservation.

The front cover lens provided is manufactured of high polymer materials, is wear-resistant, thermostable, and is resistant to spatter. UNIMIG TIG Welding Gloves are specially designied for the TIG operators and are constructed out of 3 types of leather: a "split deerskin" palm for excellent finger tip sensitivity, "goat skin" back for dexterity and heat protection and cowhide cuff for durable wrist and forearm protection. The high-strength Kevlar protects you from heat, and unlined palms are used to increase control and decrease fatigue in your hands.

The glove has also been designed with deer hide to give you superior fingertip sensitivity for accurate welds. The ARC TORCHOLOGY TIG consumable range is now complete, featuring both ceramic and quartz cups. The Standard Series covers cup sizes 4 to 10, perfect for your everyday TIG welding. Packaged in a sturdy carry case, consumable starter kits are the perfect companion to be bundled alongside machines.

The kit contains all the essential consumables for a T2 or T3W TIG Torch. Get unmatched visibility with our quartz cups. Made with specially tempered glass, they're extra heat resistant, and they're see-through. On top of great weld visibility, our quartz cups are designed to be used with our gas lens, so the shrouds are wider, giving you greater gas coverage.

Gas Lens Collet Bodies come with a diffuser and a mesh screen, so they're wider, but they distribute gas more evenly and with less turbulence over the weld. You can have the tungsten stick out further, giving you better manoeuvrability and visibility of the weld pool. They're perfect for welding inside corners or in tight spaces.

TIG Torch Back Caps are designed to hold the tungsten securely inside the TIG Torch. The tungsten can be quickly adjusted by twisting the back cap 180°.

TIG Torch Head Gaskets keep the ceramic cup tightly in place, minimising gas leakage. TIG Torch Collet Bodies are designed with a highly effective series of passages to force cool the collet, maximising conductivity and extending consumable life. TIG Torch Ceramic Cups are designed for maximum performance. TIG Torch Heat Zone Isolators transfer heat from the ceramic cup resulting in cooler running torches with increased power to weight performance ratios.

UNIMIG Razor RWX8000 Welding Kit Helmet + Respirator Kit + Gloves + Hood UMCWH. UNIMIG Razor RWX8000 Welding Helmet Plus + 5 x Outer Lens + 5 x Inner Lens UMCWH. UNIMIG 400mm / 680mm Long Leather Welding Gloves Mig Heat Flame Resistant Proof.

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  • UPC: 9355457037637
  • Welder Industrial Class: Heavy
  • Brand: Uni-Mig
  • Welded Material: Aluminium
  • Welding Process: TIG
  • Polarity: AC/DC
  • Item Type: Inverter Welder

UNIMIG Razor 200 ACDC Tig Welder + Helmet + Foot Pedal + Gloves AC/DC PK11075